What others are saying

"A brilliant story, hard to put down."

   Dianne Longson ~ The Azure Ancient

"Wonderful read with lots of twists and turns."

   Bernard Seif ~ Truth to Tell

"Only a short read, but a great book."

   Mr Rekd ~ Truth to Tell

"I would recommend this book for the entertaining, nail-biting adventure that it is."

   Nicole Trist ~ Terrors Child

"His fantasy is on par with authors like RA Salvatore." 

   A.C. Sutcliff ~ The Azure Ancient

"...Never read anything like it, and LOVED it."

   Matt Parr ~ Truth to Tell

Truth To Tell is the deceptively honest tale of a man faced with a horrible dilemma; to confess his most secret sin or lose the life of a loved one...

Duplicitous feelings torture him with fears, deterring him from honesty toward those he most loves. Yet fear is faiths most voracious enemy, lending only lead wings in its promise of deliverance.


Terror's Child is the harrowing journey into a world unknown against an enemy unseen.

Two men pursue answers following a murder and child abduction. With a pledge to abandon lies, each man vows to seek the truth beyond the shores of what he has known and accepted all his life. But first a task must be accomplished that will test the resolve of both.


For lovers of fantasy adventure.

The Azure Ancient is a tale of an Elfin empire at the crossroads of annihilation.

At the ceremony of the king's anointing, things seem to go horribly wrong. Their world crumbling, they are forced to rely on the most unlikely help. With prophecies looming, a life or death decision must be made...

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